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General Dentistry Services in Nanaimo for Your Entire Family

As a family dentist in Nanaimo, North Ridge Dental Clinic offers a full range of preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures for the entire family. Our highly trained staff seeks to provide an open and friendly atmosphere. We understand that your smile is unique, therefore offer a range of services to suit your needs. Let us help you maintain a healthy smile, call today to schedule an appointmentBiolase® Laser Assisted Dentistry


Dr. Layton and his staff make every effort to ensure the comfort and safety of every patient, including the use of Biolase® Laser Assisted Dentistry. North Ridge Dental Clinic is fully digital, which increases safety and decreases risk by producing clear images while using 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays.

Some of our General Dentistry Services in Nanaimo include:

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography uses digital images instead of photographic film to capture images. Using digital images provides many advantages including being able to use the image instantly instead of waiting to process the film. Digital x-rays also use less radiation is used and provides a clearer picture. Therefore, it helps us to provide a quicker diagnosis.


Tooth extraction may be necessary for a number of reasons. However, the most common reason to remove a tooth is when it becomes irreparable due to decay, trauma or disease. Impacted wisdom teeth are another common reason for extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause reoccurring infections of the gum. If orthodontic treatment is necessary, healthy teeth may be extracted to create space to straighten the remaining teeth. Most extractions are performed using a local anesthetic to dull pain. Trust your family dentist in Nanaimo with any necessary tooth extractions - Northridge Dental!


TMJ Diagnosis & Treatment

TMJ or your temporomandibular joint, describes the movement between the mandible and temporal bone. The name comes from the two bones which form the joint. This joint can affect the following; how you chew, headaches, wear on your teeth, sleeping. Everyone has some deviation, however, when these deviations can cause significant discomfort. Our experienced family dentist in Nanaimo offers assessment and treatment for TMJ disorders.


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At North Ridge Dental Clinic our services are centered around making sure that your oral health is maintained or improved in a relaxed and professional setting that is designed to provide excellent general dentistry services in Nanaimo. Contact us today!

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